86 Beautiful Book Covers

Look at ’em here.

See, ladies and gentlemen, I think that generally, the kinds of covers that normally “grace” the books of writers (at least those who do not make textbooks) in the Philippines are fug – there are a few exceptions, yes (Larry Ypil’s The Highest Hiding Place and Joel Toledo’s The Long Lost Startle top my pretty covers list right now)- but most are at best, mediocre.

If we had prettier-looking books, it would totally attract more attention (and garner more readers – I speak from experience that yes, people DO judge books by their covers; it’s the first thing you see). People are visual, after all – I wish more Philippine book designers and publishers considered this.


One thought on “86 Beautiful Book Covers

  1. I usually don’t judge a book by its cover. But aside from the bad covers, the main problem is that the book design suffers as well. What I am talking about: anemic-looking typefaces, sucky margins, unthought-of proportions, over-ornamented treatment of page numbers and titles, text as if laid out in Microsoft Word (no kerning, ligatures, faux small caps, FAUX ITALICS, hyphenation problems). I think there is a fundamental problem as to how Filipino designers think of design – especially book design.

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