What did you expect

I forced myself not to write-write today. I guess it’s really draining when you just keep pouring and pouring and pouring out. I did a short blurb on my journal but that’s only to keep me from doing Something Stupid.


Spent most of the day sketching for a project with a friend (don’t want to disclose too much for fear of jinxery, et al.).


After sifting and shifting around a lot of YouTube videos I read The Best American Comics 2008, which I bought from The Smithsonian in my East Coast trip a few months ago.

Favorites so far:

  • Burden – Graham Annable
  • Seven Sacks – Eleanor Davis
  • Part II. The Benders Arrive – Rick Geary
  • Graveyard – Sarah Oleksyk


The last one noted there’s what resonates with me the most.


Been listening to some new stuff as well. The Vaccines’ Post-Break Up Sex is arguably the most amusing song I’ve heard in a while. 10,000 Maniacs too (I’ve known of them for a while but now’s the only time I’ve paid attention).


School resumes tomorrow. Back to wearing white and juggling workloads again. Hoo.


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