I suppose I can confidently write things down here because for most of my social circle, gone are the days of longer blog entries, and here is the age of the 16-bit, post-processed, filtered version viewable in Facebook, Instagram, et cetera. I find this boring and oddly fun (hah).

Hello, how have you been, anonymous reader? I hope things are going swell from your side of the screen.

2018 is going swell for me, considering the massive shitbeast known as 2017.

My 29th birthday was spent with people I actually love, which is pretty cool. All my anchors, well distributed.

I’ve managed to paint a lot the past few weeks. Nothing new, poetry-wise, but all’s good.

Waiting for some news regarding the new job to ease in, hopefully all goes well. The new place I’ll move to seems amusingly stalker-free.

The sadness doesn’t sink in as easily anymore. Let’s hope things keep going that way.


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