Art for my arse’s sake.

Dear diary,

I got tired of writing [right now].

My hormones are being uncooperative and I am subsisting on mixed nuts and water. I just yelled at my mother over a pair of slippers, which is the stupidest thing to do, yes, I know. Bad daughter.

The good news is, I’m drawing again [or, I am posting my drawings online]. This means, if you exist, you should go see it [both of it, yeah], because my art is a very whiny bitch avid for attention – it’s been a part of my cerebral hemispheres since I was 5 years old. How horrible is that?



a different kind of poem + some news

Serafina Sleepy Cat

Serafina Sleepy Cat has all sorts of spots of black
That seemed to have been dropped like rain on her white, white back.

We adopted her years ago, sometime July – a small, scraggly stray
With such wide eyes but all skin and bones and asleep on our yard so early in the day.

When I first saw her I said “Shoo, shoo, you small thing! We do not need a cat!”
But my younger sister replied “Oh we do, we do! We need a cat and we need to make her so very fat!”

And I thought: what a ridiculous thing! She was thin as thin can be!
But I was surprised – she ate so much and grew plump like a piggy.

The fatter she grew, the lazier she became
Instead of moving, she would just meow in reply when we called her name

So all Serafina Sleepy Cat did was sleep most days and more so on nights:
Curling herself into a ball so that she wouldn’t be woken by any lights.

We would let her out to exercise and chase mice
But instead it would be the mice who would take her by surprise.

But Serafina Sleepy Cat is not so bad –
She’s the only cat we’ve ever had.

Wide eyes and stomach so fat, and yes, despite always extending her nap –
Serafina Sleepy Cat will always, especially when you need her, curl up on your lap.

As if to say (in her meowy cat-voice) during a gloomy day:
“Do not worry, let my fat cushion your sadness away”

Rhyming poems are hard.

This one’s for Boogs, my 9 year old sister who requested I make a poem (and a rhyming one to boot!) about our pet cat Serafina. I just read it out loud to her and she kind of likes it (but she believes our mother is a better reader. Oh well, can’t win it all). Makes me want to study how one’s supposed to write poetry for children 🙂

If you’re wondering, the said fat, sleepy cat can be seen this-a-way and that-a-way.

Also, some news which means I’ll be busy again this summer.