Intermission: [delayed] workshop appreciation post

Hi guys. Don’t mind me I just got weirdly sentimental & a wee bit bored.


10th IYAS:


50th SUNWW:


No, I didn’t take them photos.

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Traces of Sand (Part 1)

Just a little erasures project. From things my friends wrote.

After Shane Carreon’s From Tales From The Village

The dead were found from nowhere,
a dark swarm cautiously opening, listening:

disturbed, last night at the dead end
a girl was wrapped in her room: out of season.

(Re)vision After Tin V. Lao

He looks
with longing thrust

in his frail notebook, a spider lives
to know that a child could destroy

the universe. In love’s afterglow,
after a long pause, “a bit

cruel.” How I loved
his story.

The Slow Road After Philline Donggay

Somewhere, somehow, you survive.
Forgive yourself. How people deal with falling:

your long-time friend makes sure
it helps. Your illusions fight

against alcohol. You had stopped yourself
from writing. He takes

a bite. You work and work.
We shouldn’t ruin ourselves.

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Necessary Losses [or, My Dumaguete Hangover]

Still we foster

The acquiescent shape

By our rejection,

Giving voice, blood, name

To the random breath;

Love is many and truth is just:

And so we are: Both

What we choose,

And we refuse.

– Edith L. Tiempo (Afternoon Of A Sea Faun)

You returned home yesterday.

You just finished fixing your closet, emptying the valise that contained the clothes. Some of them now rest in the hamper beside the dog, waiting to be picked by the house help (you note how her hands didn’t seem to change all those three weeks you were gone; still, they scrape and soak clothes, patiently without complaint). Your room is still a mess. Piles of books and envelopes and notes and pens litter your desk. Some of them managed to crawl their way to your bed, competing with your pillows. Dust lies sleeping on the shelves.

You woke up this morning to complete quiet.

You realize your mother has left with your youngest sister for that day trip they were talking about. You recall the conversation with your mother while she drove you from the airport. You both laughed at your mother’s updates of Life While You Were Away (your younger sister’s stone-like dance moves to endless repeats of Lady GaGa’s songs, how the cat spends all day asleep – lazily shifting through various positions, your youngest sister’s sudden weight gain, and so on). She tells you of the three or four movies the family has watched while you were being all “writerly” in the mountains of Valencia. You remember mustering enough strength to tell your mother of how you plan to take writing seriously this time. “It’s going to be difficult,” you remember the sound of your own voice, parsing some words “but I want to make this one work.” You remember her reply “Remember what your priorities are.” And you do, of course you do. You always have. You remembered telling someone in the workshop that our minds have the same containment area for fear and memory.

You look at your fingertips.

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50th Silliman University National Writers Workshop fellows named

Got this from Jordan.

Silliman University National Writers Workshop Director-in-Residence Rowena Tiempo-Torrevillas, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, and Silliman University are pleased to announce that the following young writers have been accepted as fellows for the 50th Silliman University National Writers Workshop scheduled on 2-20 May 2011:

For Poetry

Charmaine Carreon (University of the Philippines-Diliman)

Evangeline Gubat  (University of the Philippines-Diliman)

Jeffrey Javier (University of the Philippines-Mindanao)

Allen Samsuya (University of the Philippines-Mindanao)

Alyza Taguilaso (University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, Inc.)

For Fiction

Glenn Diaz (University of the Philippines-Diliman)

Christine Lao (University of the Philippines, College of Law)

Emmanuel Lava (Ateneo de Manila University)

Andrea Macalino (Ateneo de Manila University)

Marius Monsanto (University of the Philippines-Mindanao)

For Creative Non-Fiction

Philline Donggay (De La Salle University)

Rogelio Garcia, Jr. (Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan)

Miguel Sulangi (Ateneo de Manila University)

Elaine Tobias (University of the Philippines-Diliman)

Maria Villaruel (De La Salle University)

This year’s panel of critics is composed of Dumaguete-based writers Myrna Peña Reyes, Bobby Villasis and Cesar Ruiz Aquino, as well as guest panelists Susan Lara, DM Reyes, Dave Genotiva, Ricky de Ungria, Gemino Abad, and Alfred Yuson. For this summer, internationally-acclaimed Singaporean writer from Singapore Management University, Kirpal Singh, will be sitting in with the panel.

The workshop, which is the longest running Writers Workshop in Asia, is coordinated by the Silliman University Department of English and Literature.

Woot. First off, congratulations to everyone. We’re like little Golden Eggs or something.

This is actually how I felt when I got the notification of fellowship email a few days ago:

[FYI: I’m the girl who has the longest name:institution entry up there. Coincidentally, my poems are kind of long too. Haha.]

And yay, I get to see Glenn [from ANWW] and Shane [from IYAS] again! And Miguel, who was my classmate in Philo 104 and also an orgmate from Heights. Gian’s cousin is also part of the roster. Well at least I’ll feel less shy. ^___^

I sort of wish though they put AdMU instead of UE in my name but hey, I am a med student now so le sigh, the sad [and severely long] truth has to be shown to the world. 🙂

Still excited about this; I really wanted to get in since this summer is one of my last two summers. After third year med, we’ll go on as interns [so fourth year starts on April, etc] but I won’t blabber on about that. Just real feel-good excited/anxious right now. 🙂

*Whoops, update! Official word is here.

Be One of the 10 Fellows of the 16th Ateneo Heights Writers Workshop

Hello hello, here is a plug  (bec. the same workshop last year kick-started my current fascination with writing)!

So yeah, submit! 🙂 –

Heights, the official artistic and literary publication and organization of the Ateneo De Manila University, now accepts applications for the 16th Ateneo Heights Writers Workshop, to be held in Antipolo City, Rizal from July 30-August 1, 2010.

The workshop is open to all current college students and beginning writers of the Ateneo De Manila.

Applicants should send a manuscript of: 5 poems/ tula, OR 2 short stories/ maikling kuwento, OR 2 non-fiction/ essay pieces/ sanaysay. The application should be accompanied with the author’s name, year and course, and contact details (cellphone number and email address).

Entries in English and Filipino may be submitted. Fellowships are awarded by genre and by language.

Heights covers board and lodging, food, workshop kits, and provides transportation from and back to Ateneo for the selected writing fellows.

Submit applications on or before July 9, 2010 to Please write “workshop” on the subject line of the email.

For further details, please send inquiries to

Or visit


Germination – on the 10th IYAS Creative Writing Workshop

I feel like a little seed from the parable in the Bible – I’m not just sure which ground I fell on, so I guess that shoots the analogy down. Also: I should stop thinking of seeds, because now I’m thinking “is it a monocot or dicot?”

The fellows: (from the top, L-R) Anne Carly Abad, Paul Gumanao, Gino Francis Dizon, Noel Fortun, Sim Gadugdug, Fred Jordan Carnice, Rogerick Fernandez, Alyza Taguilaso, Glenn Muñez, Roselle Jimeno, Elsed Tongonon, Vernan Jagunap, Arbeen Acuña, Charmaine Carreon, Jesus Insilada, and Gian-Paolo Lao (image c/o Jordan C)

The panelists: (from the top, L-R) Dr. Elsa Coscolluela, Dr. Danilo M. Reyes, Dr. Anthony Tan, Dr. Genevieve Ansenjo, Prof. John Teodoro, and Dr. Dinah Roma-Sianturi

The previous week was a blast, really. I had fun and met a couple’a snazzy people – I am so glad no one had an overblown ego (one of my qualms with workshops), it made learning from each other easier. I think I learned a whole lot more of stuff (thankfully) about the craft and have more ideas now. Everyone’s been talking about how fun the experience is so I guess to make it different, I’m posting my notes from the workshop here, i.e. sharing my blessings [kung pwede ko lang i-share ung weight na na-gain ko from the foodage. Hay. How I wish]– hopefully this serves to help anyone who’s interested in further honing their writerly tendencies.

Disclaimer: I TRIED segregating the fiction and poetry comments but I figured some comments can apply to both (and poets can learn a lot from fictionists and vice versa) otherwise, the notes are transcribed chronologically. Co-fellows, please correct me if I got anything wrong.

Also: some things might sound common sense or redundant – well, guess what? I don’t think they are. Some things I think, need to be said before we actually get them and the possibly redundant points indicate areas which [the fellows, and possibly anyone else] need to work on or seem to overlook sometimes, hence the frequency of these comments and their permutations.

To sum it all up [for those who are too lazy to read, although I strongly suggest you do]: DISCIPLINE.

Now, the long version [and I shit you not when I say “long”]:

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