I’ll be your dream: punk rock sans the edges and teeth. I’ll be your
heroine- HP and MP sufficient
for the night and all its games. 
Librarian, artist, girl
next door. I’ll let you pin me down, 
call me names you’ll never speak 
to her face. I’ll hold you
where it hurts, I’ll let you run 
your hands over the small of my back- 
I’ll let you pull my hair as you spill
your desire into the sheets. I’ll be your love
eternal, sweet peach, baby
girl, darling, slut, valkyrie
in golden armor. I’ll be the Beatrice
to your Dante – love doomed 
to circle through hell
from the start. I’ll gladly swallow
this honeyed secret down
to the last drop. I’ll be everything
you wanted but never dreamed 
to ask for. Baby, I’ll be perfect: 
I’ll be the moon and stars 
to your sun: watch 
how the universe aligns 
for this 16-bit downfall
we’ve both been aching for. 
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