The Story of Love

A piece of mine got published here.

Go check it if you love me [ctrl + f “alyza” to find it].

Go read the rest of the awesome anthology too.


Things that inhabit water –

…Apologies if this post sounds so self-indulgent. I was trying to write earlier [after spending a whole day dedicated to Biochemistry and Anatomy] but I ended up reading works of some friends instead [stuff they’ve sent a million years ago and which I’ve promised to comment on after exams – which is about another century from now, late March, actually]. One of said friends wrote something interesting about mermaids and I have this relatively long piece coming up in Kritika Kultura’s awesome anthology , that also has a bit about mermaids –

I think when I get tired writing about stars I’ll start writing about the water.


OT: I am also curious to see this supposed 35-page [literally epic?] poem that’s gonna come out in the said anthology. The longest I’ve ever mustered was a 7-page piece.