From the list of regrets I swore to forget:

  • The curtain of skin that folds following a smile (see: “Endings, Misinterpretations, Things we do to each other, Despite everything”)
  • How you stole my car and crashed it somewhere I couldn’t place (filed under “Dreams, Recent”)
  • Gestures (i.e., stealing my photograph and stroking my hair without so much as asking; filed under “Truth, Undated, Recent”)
  • A quote from a movie we did not watch together (see “Things we do to each other”)
  • Hands – holding, pushing away, gathering dust, gathering pencil shavings, pulling; wounded, clean, muddied, sterile, warm (file: “Misinterpretations, To be continued”)
  • Books: the ones you refuse/d to read, the ones I love, the ones you still have from me (file: “Missing pages”)
  • Nicotine (filed under “Habits, Excuses, Disease, Things we do to each other, Despite everything”)


Bookish baggage

Workshop’s a few days away and I’ve been trying to weigh [literally!] which books I’ll be bringing.

See, the workshop runs for three solid weeks and I’m left to juggle with the most measly of baggage limits: 20kg going to Dumaguete and 15kg going back to Manila [it’s a pretty retarded arrangement, if you ask me. But I can’t really complain since my mother booked the flight for me]. Silly and funny thing is, instead of panicking about clothes and toiletries I’ve been wracking my brain on which books to bring [thank god for my laptop and EHD so I can bring ebooks and digital versions of comics].

Right now here’s my tentative list:

  • Everything Is Illuminated – Jonathan Safran Foer
  • Einstein’s Dreams – Alan Lightman
  • Zero Gravity – Eric Gamalinda
  • Averno – Louise Gluck
  • The Dream of the Unified Field – Jorie Graham
  • A Brief History of Time – Stephen Hawking
  • The Infinite Book – John Barrow

Also considering of bringing some [light] anthologies along. Too bad I can’t bring the thicker books [some of my favorites are about 2-3lbs each ’cause they’re arty books].

I hope I pack something lesser than 15kg… considering I’m also going to bring some sketchpads [4, to be exact – 2 pocket-sized ones and 2 normal sized ones] and my watercolor kit along [can’t live without them; security blanky forever]. And my notebooks too. Ok – given what I just said [and my imperceptible uselessness when it comes to math] – I think I’m pretty much doomed.