Germination – on the 10th IYAS Creative Writing Workshop

I feel like a little seed from the parable in the Bible – I’m not just sure which ground I fell on, so I guess that shoots the analogy down. Also: I should stop thinking of seeds, because now I’m thinking “is it a monocot or dicot?”

The fellows: (from the top, L-R) Anne Carly Abad, Paul Gumanao, Gino Francis Dizon, Noel Fortun, Sim Gadugdug, Fred Jordan Carnice, Rogerick Fernandez, Alyza Taguilaso, Glenn Muñez, Roselle Jimeno, Elsed Tongonon, Vernan Jagunap, Arbeen Acuña, Charmaine Carreon, Jesus Insilada, and Gian-Paolo Lao (image c/o Jordan C)

The panelists: (from the top, L-R) Dr. Elsa Coscolluela, Dr. Danilo M. Reyes, Dr. Anthony Tan, Dr. Genevieve Ansenjo, Prof. John Teodoro, and Dr. Dinah Roma-Sianturi

The previous week was a blast, really. I had fun and met a couple’a snazzy people – I am so glad no one had an overblown ego (one of my qualms with workshops), it made learning from each other easier. I think I learned a whole lot more of stuff (thankfully) about the craft and have more ideas now. Everyone’s been talking about how fun the experience is so I guess to make it different, I’m posting my notes from the workshop here, i.e. sharing my blessings [kung pwede ko lang i-share ung weight na na-gain ko from the foodage. Hay. How I wish]– hopefully this serves to help anyone who’s interested in further honing their writerly tendencies.

Disclaimer: I TRIED segregating the fiction and poetry comments but I figured some comments can apply to both (and poets can learn a lot from fictionists and vice versa) otherwise, the notes are transcribed chronologically. Co-fellows, please correct me if I got anything wrong.

Also: some things might sound common sense or redundant – well, guess what? I don’t think they are. Some things I think, need to be said before we actually get them and the possibly redundant points indicate areas which [the fellows, and possibly anyone else] need to work on or seem to overlook sometimes, hence the frequency of these comments and their permutations.

To sum it all up [for those who are too lazy to read, although I strongly suggest you do]: DISCIPLINE.

Now, the long version [and I shit you not when I say “long”]:

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Write what you know?

I was browsing through my LiveJournal friendslist last night and I totally got pulled in Isa’s post about RaceFail and then earlier this morning, I sifted through the usual slew of blogs I visit and I saw this [I highly recommend reading the links before going on to what I have to say since they’re clearer in explaining the issue than I possibly would].

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