Take Me To The Riot: Stars Live in Manila

So far: first concert I’ve gone to (crowds creep me out).

They’re my favorite band. It was a really great show and the set list- no words! I was just so happy. I’m weeping rainbows deep inside + my Stars playlist is on loop like whoa since the weekend. Opening acts Outerhope and Ciudad were nifty too!

Where + when: Metrotent, Metrowalk Feb 16, 2013.

And yes, we were lucky to be thisclose to the stage. All photographs taken by yours truly.



When I think of being forgotten I think of you,
bright bearer of holy serpents. How does it feel

to have your body wrenched from shining
with your twelve brothers, sisters, lover –

by the fickle makings of human memory? Legend speaks
of how you were cast into the night sky just for looking

at the plaintive motions of a snake who dared reclaim its lover
from the fields of the dead, offering the sweetest of herbs,

causing its deadened mate to slither again
into life, its tongue hissing the secrets of death.

Secrets – your attentive ears so easily captured in their eagerness,
your hands furiously concocting the potion intended to save men

from death. Yet all your work was spurned by the gods, unwilling
to permit the existence of anything that spelled an end

to their whims, to their hold on the human body. So you were struck
with the whitest light from heaven, a needle that turned your bones

into stars, stuck you into the blanket of sky. Your only consolation
was that you could look over the people you wanted to relieve

from the coils of their mortality, their heads bobbing like pins
in the distant earth below. And just when you had accepted

your fate – nestled your head into your tiny spot in the universe,
when even the gods who cursed you had turned to stars, voiceless

in their twinkling – those tiny people you had lovingly watched over
all these years decide that now you no longer have a place

among the zodiac. How does it feel to betrayed? Knowing
how you are nothing more than clumped bits of dying light.