More from Dean Young-

To say I wish I paid more attention to this writer earlier is an understatement.

Here’s a poem from Dean Young + my favorite part from The Art of Recklessness


Handy Guide
By Dean Young

Avoid adjectives of scale.
Dandelion broth instead of duck soup.
Don’t even think you’ve seen a meadow, ever.
The minor adjustments in our equations
still indicate the universe is insane,
when it laughs a silk dress comes out its mouth
but we never put it on. Put it on.
Cry often and while asleep.
If it’s raw, forge it in fire.
That’s not a mountain, that’s crumble.
If it’s fire, swallow.
The heart of a scarecrow isn’t geometrical.
That’s not a diamond, it’s salt.
That’s not the sky but it’s not your fault.
My dragon may be your neurotoxin.
Your electrocardiogram may be my fortune cookie.
Once an angel has made an annunciation,
it’s impossible to tell him he has the wrong address.
Moonlight has its own befuddlements.
The rest of us can wear the wolf mask if we want
or look like reflections wandered off.
Eventually armor, eventually sunk.
You wanted love and expected what?
A parachute? Morphine? A gold sticker star?
The moment you were born—
you have to trust others because you weren’t there.
Ditto death.
The strongest gift I was ever given
was made of twigs.
It didn’t matter which way it broke.

Perhaps Orpheus turned around SO he could see Eurydice vanish, so that his desire would be endless and endless source to song.


Traces of Sand (Part 1)

Just a little erasures project. From things my friends wrote.

After Shane Carreon’s From Tales From The Village

The dead were found from nowhere,
a dark swarm cautiously opening, listening:

disturbed, last night at the dead end
a girl was wrapped in her room: out of season.

(Re)vision After Tin V. Lao

He looks
with longing thrust

in his frail notebook, a spider lives
to know that a child could destroy

the universe. In love’s afterglow,
after a long pause, “a bit

cruel.” How I loved
his story.

The Slow Road After Philline Donggay

Somewhere, somehow, you survive.
Forgive yourself. How people deal with falling:

your long-time friend makes sure
it helps. Your illusions fight

against alcohol. You had stopped yourself
from writing. He takes

a bite. You work and work.
We shouldn’t ruin ourselves.

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